How to identify a good ibogaine provider or ibogaine treatment centre

How to choose a good ibogaine treatment centre and identify a good provider.

On this page we will discuss how to identify a good ibogaine provider or treatment centre. Many ibogaine providers have studied hard to understand how to do this work safely or work with medical professionals who do, but there are plenty of shadier operations going on out there too!

Sadly it is all to common to hear stories of people getting second rate care or worse. So it’s important that you choose your clinic with care. Not all ibogaine treatments are equal and it’s important you choose a good provider, not only so that you have a safe experience but also so that you get the most from your experience. Ibogaine can do a lot more than just removing your addiction if it is supported the right way.

We built this website out of frustration of hearing the horror stories some people go through with dodgy treatment providers. Whilst others have a spectacular life changing ibogaine experience and feel like a ‘Phoenix that has risen from the Ashes’. Please spend the time necessary to make sure that you get to be your own personal Phoenix! Our volunteers are happy to help you make your decision, just reach out to us.

We outline below what you can expect from a good ibogaine provider or ibogaine clinic

  • You should be interviewed about your health, medicines, drug use, medical history.
  • You should be given preparation advice
  • You should receive compassionate and safe care by trained staff with the right equipment
  • You should get advice on post ibogaine treatment aftercare (possibly the most important part!)

Each of the above points is elaborated upon below

Health, medicines, drug use, medical history:

Your ibogaine provider or ibogaine treatment centre should be interested in knowing the following information about you PRIOR to your arrival.

  • Medical conditions past and present
  • All medication taken
  • Drug use
  • Supplements taken
  • Mental Health
  • They should be especially interested in the health of your heart
  • Bowel movements
They should also ask you to provide the following tests:
  • An EKG (6-lead minimum, 12-lead preferred)
  • A Blood test called a Complete Metabolic Panel (sometimes called Chem 12 or Chem 18 or going under another name). They will want to see one that shows: creatinine and electrolytes, sodium, potassium, serum magnesium, and liver function.
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

They may ask to have further tests like a stress ECG and liver function depending on the results they see

If your provider does not ask for these tests or doesn't enquire about medications or pre-exisiting health conditions then take it as a BIG warning.

If in any doubt read the Dangers of Ibogaine Treatment page and don’t be scared to challenge your provider or treatment centre if you suspect that they aren’t doing a good job. It’s also a good idea to double check all your medical conditions and medicines against the lists provided on Medical Contraindications page.

How to identify a good ibogaine provider or ibogaine treatment centre
How do you identify a good ibogaine provider?

Preparation for Ibogaine Treatment

You should be given advice prior to arrival to help you prepare for your ibogaine treatment. The below should be considered bare minimum. Further advice can be found on our Preparing for Ibogaine page

  • Keep well hydrated (usually starting immediately). This is very important.
  • Make sure you are passing stool regularly
  • Not to take any stimulants for 5-7 before treatment (cocaine, crack, speed, etc)
  • No caffiene or energy drinks for 5 days before
  • No alcohol for 3 days before treatment (ibogaine can be administered a week after an alcohol detox)
  • Your provider should check out all of your health conditions and medications
  • To discontinue or taper from any medication that will interfear with ibogaine (doctors advice may be needed)
  • Make sure you are stable on any benzodiazepines you may be taking – DO NOT STOP taking benzos during your flood!
  • To not take any supplements such as kava kava, kratom, St.Johns Wort, Ayahuasca or anything containing MAOI’s prior to admission
  • Preparation advice may be given to prepare yourself for this powerful event
  • Double check yourself against the list of contraindications on the Medical Contraindications page

Where? Set and Setting

Where you do your ibogaine is important. During the flood and for the days afterwards you will be very much in the process of your journey and typically quite sensitive.

  • Therefore a natural calm setting where you will not be disturbed is preferred for this process.
  • The location should be within a 20min drive of an A&E / ER or ambulance station.
  • Music is important and most people have found that the traditional Bwiti music has helped to power them through their trips. Others have found it overwhelming at times. Meditation music is also great to use in places as are things like jazz and bossanova. You should be able to request silence or a music change as needed.
  • Light sensitivity can be an issue and your provider should setup your room and area with soft, non-direct lighting and provide and eye mask if required. Sun glasses are often needed for any stronger light than candle flames.
Ibogaine treatment with ECG monitoring
Ibogaine treatment with ECG monitoring

Equipment and Training

Ibogaine providers or staff of ibogaine treatment centres should be trained and equipped with the following:

  • Be experienced working with ibogaine
  • Be able to provide you with spiritual and emotional support through your journey
  • You should feel confident in their abilities
  • They should have the knowledge and experience to carry out this work safely and effectively
  • AED / defibrillator
  • Minimum of First Aid Trained
  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) medical staff preferred, especially where there are health concerns
  • ECG heart monitoring is preferred, especially where there are health concerns. A 3 lead ECG is considered minimum for monitoring QT interval.
  • Regularly monitor blood pressure, QT interval, QTc, pulse and blood oxygen levels
  • Have the medicines and knowledge necessary to intervene should blood pressure or pulse become dangerously high or low or QTc prolonged
  • Provide medication for common problems such as anxiety, reflux, acid, pain, conspitation, nausea, vomitting, etc
Get in touch with us and we can recommend you some centres and providers with great reputations.


  • In many ways the 3-6months post ibogaine or iboga are the most important. This is where you create the new you!
  • One study suggested that long term success went up from 33% to 90% with good aftercare
  • For the 3-6 months after your ibogaine flood dose your experience will continue to unfold. 
  • The GDNF release will increase neural plasticity making it easier for you to form new habits and learn new things. So whatever behaviours or actions you repeat in this time will become second nature very quickly, make sure you use this opportunity for good!
  • Rushing straight back to your old life can be a bad idea for many reasons.
  • Some people favor meditation retreats, ashrams or buddhist monastries.
  • Others go to more formal dry house settings.
  • It could even be getting a job picking fruit out on a farm somewhere. Whatever you choose, it is usually advised for people to spend a few months out of the city, somewhere tranquil, living a healthy, meditative lifestyle as they prepare for their new future.
  • There are even several aftercares specially aimed at people post ibogaine treatment. Many of them offer meditation classes, yoga, sweat lodges, and other useful services. 

Make sure you make a plan for your aftercare BEFORE you do your flood dose, as you may not feel like planning anything in the days after it. Often the idea of using computers and organising things are beyond people for some time after ibogaine.

Feel free to contact our volunteers, we know who has a good reputation and who doesn’t and can pass on our knowledge to you to help you make an informed decision.

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.

You feel it, don’t you?”

― Rumi

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Free yourself from addiction with ibogaine treatment
Free yourself from addiction with ibogaine treatment

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So please get in touch so we can help people to find you!

Learn about the jaw-dropping benefits of Ibogaine and Iboga. They do so much more than just  addiction treatment 

Ibogaine can be dangerous for some people. Educate yourself to see if you are a good candidate for this work

Preparing for your iboga ceremony or ibogaine treatment. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Learn what medication and medical health conditions are a bad mix with ibogaine and iboga.

Make sure you go to a good place! There are some shady operations going on out there… 

Ibogaine and the heart have a delicate relationship. Indepth article about the action on the heart.

Ibogaine Treatment Facts, Ibogaine Hotline   Talk to us!

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Free yourself from addiction with ibogaine treatment
We wish you luck on your journey. This incredible medicine has changed so many lives, but to do safe and effective work it must be treated with respect. 

It’s important that you find a good provider or clinic to do your ibogaine treatment with. Don’t end up with the cowboys!

We do our best to keep this website updated as our collective knowledge and experience of the use of ibogaine grows, and we would love you contributions and suggestions. Email us

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