The Benefits of Ibogaine & Iboga

The Benefits of an ibogaine assisted drug detox

On this page we will discuss the benefits of an ibogaine treatment and iboga ceremonies from both the perspective of drug addiction treatment and general psycho-spiritual and physical benefits.

It really is a very extraordinary plant /  molecule, seemingly providing very deep healing far beyond addictions.

We’ve seen its spectacular results time and time again over the years, there is just no detox out there like it. Little to no withdrawal symptoms for opiate addicts, relief from any intense cravings, hugely reduced PAWS and a feeling of having been reborn afterwards. There aren’t many detoxes out there that leave you feel great afterwards with a renewed lust for life.

Staying clean becomes easy and a joy if the special opening that ibogaine provides is made the most of.

Ibogaine Inspired Art

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a psychedelic alkaloid occuring naturally in certain plants, most well known for being one in iboga; a bush from the jungles of central Africa and is an important part of the culture and spiritual practices of the Bwiti, a religious group based around iboga.

In the west Ibogaine is best known for its anti-addiction properties, famously hailed at the addiction stopper (although probably better thought of as the addiction interruptor). It provides an important reset and window of time where it becomes easy to make the changes necessary to living a life free from addiction, trauma, resentment, depression or other repetitive patterns, belief systems or behaviours that no longer serve the person undergoing ibogaine treatment.

What happens when you take ibogaine?

A high dose of ibogaine is known as a “flood dose” in the lingo, these often produce strong visions. These are often relevant to the person undergoing the experience and can provide deep insights and breakthroughs. The quality of the visions vary, but typically people report it to be a dream like experience and often they are aware of another intelligence within it.

After digestion the ibogaine converts to noribogaine which attaches to the dopamine and opiate receptor sites in the body (amongst others) and reboots the serotonin system too. This is part of its magic as it essentially stops you going into withdrawal.

Although no one can tell you what your journey will be like, typical reports are usually along the lines of:

  • Getting to the root cause of your addiction
  • Dealing with depression / anxiety / trauma
  • Overcoming family line issues
  • Learning about your inner most self.
  • Perspective Shifts / Different way of viewing life
  • Deep physical reset
  • Seeing the world with fresh eyes, feeling reborn after the experience
  • It is also common to not remember your visions immediately although sometimes they come back to you over the coming weeks and months
  • Many times people have crazy visions that make no obvious sense.
  • Some people have no visions, or don’t remember their visions, don’t worry if this happens to you. You will still experience the incredible reset and feel refreshed mentally, emotionally and physically.

Whether you have good visions or no visions you will still get the benefit of iboga or ibogaine. It is literally rebooting your system, everything will feel fresh, vibrant and new and this will develop over the coming months.

Ibogaine Hotline - Facts on Ibogaine Treatment for Drug Detox & Addiction

Ibogaine Success Rates

Medical professionals who have used ibogaine to treat people recovering from methamphetamine addiction report 50-80 percent success rates; however, long-term recovery and relapse avoidance depend largely on entering a rehabilitation program after taking ibogaine with a doctor’s supervision.

Long-term recovery and relapse avoidance depend largely on entering a rehabilitation program, after care or change of environment.

One doctor reported a 70-80 percent success rate with effective aftercare; he added that, when people recovering from meth addiction took ibogaine but returned to the same environment where they had originally abused meth, there was a 90 percent relapse rate.

In a study of opiate addicts 50% reported being clean still at 30 days and 33% at 3 months.

Comparatively, Suboxone treatment for opioid addiction shows an 8.6 percent success rate once the person no longer needs to take Suboxone.

Standard 12 step and CBT based rehab centres typically only have a success rate of around 17.5% at 30 days.

The statistics speak for themselves! Ibogaine is far more successful at beating addiction than the alternatives. 

But it’s still up to you to change your life after!

One subject wrote, “I saw my family from young to older and how everything has been and how I affected them.” and, “When I closed my eyes most of the time I had visions from my past… A profound sense of love for my family and their love for me and an intense, almost piercing agony as I was overwhelmed with the remorse and the waste and loss, feeling empathy with my family over all their hopes for me dashed by my relentless pursuit of drugs… I kept seeing clips – real memories, of high-school girlfriends and playing music with friends – but then also clips of the present day in an alternate reality where I hadn’t squandered so much love or compassion that had been offered to me.”..
…“…you could safely say that iboga will give an opiate addict several months to a half a year of freedom from cravings and an expanded awareness. This gives the user a period of time in which to get his/her life together and learn to face things straightforwardly, directly and honestly. Iboga will not do the work for you. However, it will help you do your own work.”

Thomas Kingsley Brown & Kenneth Alper

From their 2017 article: “Treatment of opioid use disorder with ibogaine: detoxification and drug use outcomes”

Tremendos personal insight is often gained through working with Ibogaine.

It has been said that Ibogaine can lead to profound personal growth equivalent to decades of psychotherapy.  Both during the flood and for the 3-6 month period afterwards, as it triggers a GDNF release, a neurotrophic protein which essentially creates greater neural-plasticity. What this means is that in the 3-6months after your flood you will find it easier to learn new things, that includes habits. So it is a really important time, it’s your chance to reprogram yourself.

Many people suggest that you maximise this process by making time for meditative practices of some kind. Kundalini yoga, breathwork, Wim Hof method and others have all be recommended by success stories.

Rediscover the joy of life, of having a body, of your own creativity. This is your chance to really bring in your best and ideal self, whatever that may be.


GDNF is a Neural Growth Factor that gets a major power-up after ibogaine.

Ibogaine affects the neurotransmitter system with release of small proteins called “neurotrophic factors” which promote “survival, repair, and protection processes in the brain tissue” this combats ongoing dependence on drugs or helps the patient to get out of severe depression.

Diagram showing how ibogaine effects GDNF
Diagram showing how ibogaine effects GDNF

It is thought to last for 3-6months after your treatment. During this time you will be able to grow new neural pathways more easily, speeding up the learning process and making new habits easy to form. 

A great opportunity to rewrite your life and reprogram yourself the way you want to be!


GDNF is something that children have a lot of, but adults typically don’t. In traditional Bwiti this stage of your journey is recognised as a second childhood, placing the same restrictions on you as you would place on a child (no sex, tobacco, alcohol). Maybe this is to try and stop bad habits forming in the malleable state.

This is your opportunity to reprogram yourself. So make sure you take advantage of this special period post ibogaine flood

GDNF release helps grow new neural pathways with ibogaine
GDNF release helps grow new neural pathways with ibogaine


Ibogaine reboots body chemistry, super charges neural circuitry, neurotransmitters and receptors, and help you resolve deep trauma which effects the way you view and experience life.

Ibogaine is essentially resetting you back to baseline; where the brain was before the patient began using drugs. Many people report feeling even better than that.

Old neural pathways are temporarily taken offline, giving the patient a break from their old habits — this is a very important time to consciously choose good habits.


Ibogaine removes almost all detox discomfort for the majority of opiate addicted patients. It also has a significant effect on reducing post acute withdrawal.

Ibogaine started being used in the underground Addiction Self Help networks, as the self-treating addicts found that the drug blocked opiate withdrawal and reduced craving for opiates and other illicit drugs for extended time periods. Studies have supported these claims.

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A Brief History of Ibogaine in the West

The story goes that in 1960’s New York a young heroin addict named Howard Lotsof was visiting a chemist friend of his who collected psychedelics, including ibogaine.

Howard wanted to try the unknown psychedelic and took a dose. It must’ve been a strong dose because he came round a few days later. Walking home he realised that he hadn’t used heroin for days, that he was no longer dependent on opiates, that he had not suffered any withdrawal pains, and had no strong desire to continue taking them.

“The next thing I knew,”

he told The New York Times in 1994,

I was straight.”

Howard Lotsoff

He couldn’t believe what had happened…. He was free of opiates. Thinking it must’ve been to do with the ibogaine he gathered up several of his heroin addict friends and dosed them with the same compound. They all experienced the same thing. Pain free withdrawal and no urgent need to return to the drug.

He had several attempts at approaching the pharmaceutical companies, but they weren’t interested “We can’t make money out of ibogaine”. Opiate replacement scripts like methadone and subutex / bupernorphine make big money for the pharmaceutical companies, so they don’t want the threat of something that you only typically need to take once jeopardising their cash cows.

Howard Lotsof went on to write the Ibogaine Dossier, which was the main manual on administering ibogaine until recently (now The Global Ibogaine Alliance have released a new set of clinical guidelines).

Howard Lotsoff Discoverer of Ibogaines Anti-addiction Properties
Howard Lotsoff Discoverer of Ibogaines Anti-addiction Properties

“Afterwards, I was walking and I looked at this tree, and as I looked at it I realized I no longer had any fear of death. Also that I was no longer addicted to narcotics.”

– Howard Lotsof, describing his first ibogaine experience

Legality of Ibogaine around the world

The medicine was pushed underground in the USA when many psychedelic drugs were being scheduled in the 1970’s (as part of a knee-jerk reaction to the LSD hysteria).

In the U.K it is unclassified altough it technically falls under the Psychoactive Substances Act of 2016. This is a blanket law making all psychoactive substances illegal unless stated otherwise. This act was brought out to combat the “legal highs” coming out of China such as spice and m-kat (often sold as bath salts and plant fertilizers).

But in some countries like Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and New Zealand it is recognised as a medicine. Mexico in particular is well known for its ibogaine treatment centres.

Whilst in most of the rest of the world it remains unscheduled. There are several ibogaine treatment centres in Europe in countries like Spain and Portugal.

List of countries and ibogaines legal status in each can be seen here.

Why are people taking ibogaine?

Ibogaine treatment is usually performed in the west with the intention of cessation of drug and/or alcohol use, or any unwanted repetitive behaviour(s). Ibogaine treatment is also persued by people suffering from diseases like; MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s, Fibromyalgia, RLS, Depression, Anxiety, Personality Disorders, PTSD, Eating Disorders, and various other afflictions and aliments. It is also used by people seeking spiritual and personal growth.

For opiate users (such as heroin addicts)  ibogaine is the only known way to get from fully dependent to completely free within a few days. 

It also works very well on most other addictions such as cocaine, crack and amphetamines, although it should noted that it will not help with the physical withdrawals from benzos or alcohol. These people should be detoxed beforehand or kept on a steady dose of benzos throughout the process.

“The observations indicate that there is a resolution of withdrawal, meaning the addict is detoxified and no longer has withdrawal symptoms and is no longer physically dependent.”

― Dr.Alper – Ibogaine Researcher

Traditional Bwiti Iboga Ceremony, Gabon, Africa
Traditional Bwiti Iboga Ceremony, Gabon, Africa

Ancient medicines like Iboga or Ayahuasca are a gateway to higher or altered state of consciousness, above the realms of reality, and it helps connect with oneself and the spiritual world. It’s strange that such consciousness expanding substances are labelled illegal when it can make a significant difference to lives.

Traditional use of Iboga in Africa

For hundreds of years practitioners of Bwiti (and Pygmies in the jungles of Central Africa) have used iboga as an important part of their spiritual and community life. Bwiti is a religious group in central west Africa, primarily in Gabon, where iboga grows.

Iboga is a deeply psychoactive entheogen that the Bwiti use for personal reasons, shamanic journeys, celebrations and once in their lifetime in a large, trip-inducing dose as an initiatory experience.

Iboga Plant
Iboga plant
Traditional Bwiti Mask - Bwiti is a religious group in Africa that uses Iboga as its sacrement
Traditional Bwiti Mask – Bwiti is a religious group in Africa that uses Iboga as its sacrement

The Bwiti believe that before the ceremony, the neophyte is nothing,” Daniel Lieberman told me on my first morning in Gabon, as we took a cab from the Libreville airport. “It is only through the initiation that you become something.”

“What do you become?” I asked.

“You become a baanzi. One who knows the other world, because you have seen it with your own eyes.”

“What do the Bwiti think of iboga?” I asked.

Lieberman barely hesitated. “For them, iboga is a super-conscious spiritual entity that guides mankind”.

‘Breaking Open the Head’
By Daniel Pinchbeck

Methods of Use

Low-dose Iboga / ibogaine

Low-dosing iboga / ibogaine is a safer way to detox and is often advised for people with poor health such as a prolonged QT or other heart problems or those not wishing to experience the visions that ibogaine often brings. 

Instead of having one large dose, a low dose regime is made up of a series of smaller doses. Sometimes this is used in combination with an opiate reduction script. Low doses are typically in the 150mg-600mg range and, like always, are judged on sensitivity, BMI, body-weight, medications and pre-existing health conditions.

It is sometimes used for people coming off of long acting opiates like methadone or subutex / suboxone as it is difficult to go directly from a long acting opiate like methadone to a flood dose.

Some people advise doing a series of lower doses anyway as it is safer and they claim works just as well. Although this is disputed by others, saying that the visionary part of the process is also of value.

Even low dose may not be safe for people with certain pre-existing medical conditions such as Congenital heart defect (CHD) . Your provider should be able to advise you.

Ibogaine Flood Dose

The usual way that ibogaine or iboga is administered to achieve rapid, intense and profound change in an individual. Considered the best by most people. Although not suitable for people with a prolonged QT or other health concerns contraindicated with ibogaine. These people may still be able to do a low dose regime depending upon other factors.

A flood dose is a large dose of ibogaine or iboga, usually producing visions and physical effects such as ataxia (wobbly, nausea). Some people would class anything above 7mg/kg as a flood dose. But typically an addiction beating dose is thought to be 16mg/kg+  and 18-24mg/kg for opiates.

Flood doses must be managed by an experienced ibogaine provider.

Micro-dose Ibogaine / Iboga

Micro-doses are typically used post ibogaine treatment. A micro-dose is a tiny dose of iboga or ibogaine, one that you either can’t feel or only slightly feel. They are great for any residual PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms) and a mood and energy lift. Micro-doses have been reported by many people to be of great use in the first year or so post ibogaine treatment.


You have to work with ibogaine to achieve the maximum results possible. It is an amazing head start. But please treat the 3-6 month period afterwards as a special time. Put your attention into meditation, yoga or any other healthy practices you feel drawn towards.

This is your chance to rewrite your life! Grab it with both hands!

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“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.”
― Terence McKenna

Learn about the jaw-dropping benefits of Ibogaine and Iboga. They do so much more than just  addiction treatment 

Ibogaine can be dangerous for some people. Educate yourself to see if you are a good candidate for this work

Preparing for your iboga ceremony or ibogaine treatment. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Learn what medication and medical health conditions are a bad mix with ibogaine and iboga.

Make sure you go to a good place! There are some shady operations going on out there… 

Ibogaine and the heart have a delicate relationship. Indepth article about the action on the heart.

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Free yourself from addiction with ibogaine treatment
We wish you luck on your journey. This incredible medicine has changed so many lives, but to do safe and effective work it must be treated with respect. 

It’s important that you find a good provider or clinic to do your ibogaine treatment with. Don’t end up with the cowboys!

We do our best to keep this website updated as our collective knowledge and experience of the use of ibogaine grows, and we would love you contributions and suggestions. Email us

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